Complete double-entry bookkeeping services in compliance with valid Slovak regulations mainly in the following areas:

  • Acceptance of accounting documents in a mutually agreed upon way (personally, by mail, e-mail),
  • Continuous accounting of all accounting documents (incoming and outgoing invoices, cash receipts, receipt cards and issue cards, internal documents, leasing contracts, insurance contracts, other contracts, etc.), assures up-to-date data.
  • Preparation of bank orders in accordance with bookkeeping data
  • Elaboration of background documentation for mutual clearing between business partners
  • Maintenance of general ledger, keeping records of property, liabilities, receivables, adjusting entries, provisions
  • Monitoring and implementation of legislative changes
  • Monitoring and overseeing the application of new methods in the company’s accounting, methodical guidance and check of accounting
  • Accounting consultancy services
  • Financial planning, controlling
  • Financial analysis
  • Control and examination of financial operations and cost -effectiveness
  • Regular and extraordinary reporting (preparation of monthly financial statements or other reports, statement in a format requested by the client; in Slovak, Hungarian or English languages)
  • Control of internal company processes related to financial operations
  • tax agenda administration (VAT, income tax, motor vehicle tax, real estate tax)
  • monitoring of receivables´and liabilities´balance and payment discipline of customers
  • elaboration of statistical reports and statements related to accounting
  • maintaining relations with the tax authority, auditors, tax advisors and accounting consultants
  • arrangement of routine correspondence related to accounting
  • provision of other consultant, accounting and administrative services pursuant to customers directions, not specified therein before
  • data protection, daily data backup

Provision of partial accounting services according to the client’s individual needs.

We map out your particular processes, problems and needs and provide you with the optimal solution. Our goal is to serve not only the tax authority and auditing bodies but also to provide you with useful information in order to help you make effective decisions and profitable innovations.

We will provide you with accounting outputs in a “digestible way”, instead of overwhelming you with meaningless figures and indicators. We have rich experience in the sphere of administrative and operating processes in large production and business companies. We know our way around the labyrinth of complicated in-plant processes.