The members of Consulo Ltd. team have a vast amount of experience in the field of administrative and operative processes within large production and business companies (in the positions of accountant, chief accountant and financial manager). We all were executives and operative workers in the multinational company Eastern Sugar Slovensko, Inc., which had affiliated companies in the Czech Republic and Hungary. The administrative centre of this company was in Dunajska Streda. Our common decision was to take advantage of all the obtained work experience and know-how and to put it to use in the establishment of the accounting and consulting company Consulo Ltd., which is based on excellent cooperation, mutual confidence and the mutual respect of knowledge.

Our main goal is to provide complete accounting services mainly for medium sized companies, which are aware of the necessity and advantages of employing professionals in the field of accounting and finance.
Communication and reporting in Slovak, English and Hungarian languages, cooperation with tax advisors and auditors are the norm and just another part of the daily workload.

Our priorities are:
- high quality, timeliness and reliability of work,
- satisfied customer,
- long-term cooperation and systematic improvement of processes.

After a detailed investigation of the concrete processes and conditions of a client’s activities, we are able to offer a clear report of cost and revenue items and build up a stable basis for analyzing the sub-areas of the client’s enterprise operation.

We have very good experience with the implementation of complex systems for companies’ management - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) assigned mainly for medium sized and large enterprises (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV) as well as systems for smaller companies (Money, Oberon, MRP, Pohoda).

Our company has a contract for liability insurance for damages caused during the execution of business.

Confidential document, data and information disposal as well as absolute confidentiality are a given with us.

We are convinced that a modern enterprise can be effective only if there are proper backgrounds prepared for the management in order to make operative decisions and, eventually long term planning. Supporting processes based on modern information technologies also play a very important role in the provision of needed inputs.